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ROLL PRINT LABELS was established in 1989 by Mohamed Moola who brought with him 20 years of experience in the Litho and Letter Press Printing Industry.

The company began by supplying affordable Labels of exceptional quality to a small network of clients. By 1994, with the only advertising medium being “word of mouth” ROLL PRINT LABELS found itself growing into a reputable venture resulting in an ever increasing client base.

Mr Moola senior’s son Ismail joined the business in 1998 after having graduated with distinction from the SA Flexo College. He followed this with a correspondence Diploma in packaging in 2005. With Mohamed Moola still at the helm, Ismail ably complements his father’s input by providing a constant injection of fresh new ideas and innovative processes, thus allowing the company to maintain high standards of production within the framework of business integrity, strong family values, honesty & trust.